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You can have these qualities in a new central air system. Taking steps to upgrade your existing heating and cooling system starts with a Free, No Obligation, Zero Pressure consultation with a Blue Stream Comfort Advisor. It's really that simple. With just a phone call to schedule the appointment, our Comfort Advisor will come to your home, take measurements to determine the proper size components, and offer options based on your desired comfort level, indoor air quality needs, and most importantly, your safety. A new system can provide many years of worry free comfort, and as many of our customers have already discovered, lower utility bills and a happier home environment. Let us show you why so many satisfied customers have chosen Blue Stream as their partner for providing their Home Comfort!

Should I replace
my HVAC system?

Will replacing my old air conditioner or furnace save me money on energy bills?

Upgrading to a new HVAC system has many benefits. One of those benefits include becoming more energy efficient and reducing your power bill. Blue Stream offers new designs and state-of-the-art technology that provide a quieter and more comfortable operation. We offer furnaces that provide efficiency above 90% so you're not paying for heat that simply goes up the chimney. Our air conditioners are as much more efficient than even those manufactured less than 10 years ago. Compared to older systems, which waste as much as 40% of your heating and cooling dollar, a newer and more efficient system is much better at heating and cooling your home, as well as removing humidity from inside your home in those extreme Summer months. Even if you feel you have a decent system, you may be spending more money on your energy bills than necessary.

Do I need the most powerful unit I can afford?

We hear this question a lot! We often find the reason for this question is either the furnace or air conditioner was not properly sized and is struggling to keep up in the extreme temperatures. We also find the components may be breaking down or not performing to full capacity due to lack of service or they're simply getting worn out. Before replacing the system with a "bigger" unit, it's best to have one of our Comfort Advisors perform an industry standard Load Study on the home to determine the proper sized equipment needed. This ensures that the furnace will be able to keep up on the coldest Winter days, and the air conditioner will not run and run when the temperatures reach 90+ degrees in the Summer.

Can I add Central Air if I already have Central Heating?

Most often we find it IS possible to add Central Air to an already existing Central Heating system. One of the important factors is how the central ductwork is configured, which is the part of the system that carries the air to different rooms of the home. Our Comfort Advisor will be able to assess your home and offer any suggestions if changes or reconfiguration is required to adapt to a new central air system. Using central air compared to window or portable units can save quite a bit of money. Since central air is deigned to disperse the air throughout the home evenly, you don't have to worry about the differences in temperatures from room to room. Additionally, if you don't already have central heating (maybe you have boiler or electic heat), it is often possible to add central air and heat to your home. Ask a Blue Stream Comfort Advisor what is the best solution for making your home more comfortable and energy efficient!

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