System maintenance is really about catching
the problem before you have a problem.

As with most other things in life, being proactive is always crucial. One of the greatest ways to ensure the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is through preventative maintenance. Simply replacing air filters can do wonders for improving airflow, keeping your home comfortable, and saving you money - what's better than that?

Blue Stream recommends having your heating and cooling system checked twice a year. It's as simple as having your air conditioning unit looked over by our SuperTechs in the Spring so your hot Summer days stay cool, and your furnace checked in the Fall so your Winters are warm. During the Fall we will check and adjust your furnace's burners to reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide and other combustible gases so your family can be safe and comfortable during the cold, Midwest winter season. Being proactive can prevent your system from shutting down, which is costly and inconvenient.

For the same reasons you take your car in for oil changes and regular checkups, we recommend you do the same for the most important piece of equipment in your home...your heating and cooling system.



Extend the life of your system and reduce the chance of costly repairs by servicing your home with an annual tune-up. Stay on top of problems like blocked coils and weakened electrical components, which use more energy and cause a higher utility bill. Regular maintenance protects your family against harmful mold, allergens, and Carbon Monoxide, while improving air quality through the removal of dirt and grime inside the unit.


Make a commitment to your home air quality while receiving discounted rates for annual tune-ups. With membership options between Full Service and Express Service, you choose the level of protection that meets your preventative Maintenance needs.


  • 10% off Add-On Components
  • (Whole-house humidifiers, thermostats, mediafilters)
  • Spring and Fall Tune-Ups
  • Priority scheduling for emergencies
  • $100 off a New System When Upgrading


  • ALL of Express Services
  • 15% off Major Repair Service
  • Free Diagnostic
  • $250 off a New System When Upgrading

Call our office today and our freindly Customer Service Representative will help you select which coverage level is best for your home.

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